Participants/Categories ___________


Note: Five types of companies can participate in each of the four categories below. However, each company's entries will be judged only against companies of the same type. For example, an entry by a print publisher will be rated against only an entry of another print publisher - and NOT against entries from, say, a TV channel or a radio station.

Participating Company Type

The participant could be one of the following:

  • Print newspaper or magazine
  • Television news channel (including business news)
  • Television entertainment channel (GECs, film, music, sports, kids etc.)
  • Radio station
  • Online (website, video streaming, audio streaming etc.)
Note:Please create a separate username if you wish to participate under more than one company type (The e-mail ID could remain the same).
+Editorial(print)/ Programming(TV, Radio) / Content(online):

The use of innovation to make the content more absorbing – this could be (for example) in the form of a new initiative, a change in design, in scheduling or in any other way.


The use of innovative marketing practices to enhance a media brand, create excitement around it and help it stand out from the competition.


The application of unique methods to get content or programming across to new audiences or to old audiences in a more convenient way.


Innovation is possible only if the work culture and environment are innovation-friendly. This category of awards attempts to recognise distinctive initiatives in the workplace – be it the use of technology, design, training programmes or anything else – that give a fillip to innovation.